Elizabethtown Demo

by Rosacea

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released August 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Rosacea Victoria, British Columbia

Our music isn't exactly fire, it's more like a lukewarm hotpocket that didn't microwave correctly

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Track Name: Elizabethtown (Demo)
if i change my hair every weekend would you grow tired of the smell of bleach.
i could be your "ramona" until my rollerskates start to make my heels bleed.
if i was "summer" or if i was "autumn" would you write me letters for 500 days.
would you keep me warm for the winter.
would you leave me to flicker when my neon glow begins to fade.

meet me on a beach when we forget each other's names.
we can learn to hate each other again.
i'm a pixie pipe dream.
i'm only charming until the end of the screenplay.

you're the ring that turns my fingers black.
you tarnish me.
i'm just a smudge on your surreality.
you tell me i'm a cliche.
isn't that what you wanted anyway.
Track Name: Too Fragile (Demo)
deny what i've been through and who i am because it's hard to understand.
i'll deny your advances, shoot down glances and smite you where you stand.
i got so quiet.

you waited by the wayside for me to fall into your lap.
you spoke in tongues; your words true form shackled to your naked chest.
i can't be human. my skin is porcelain. i'm too fragile to fuck. and i don't want to be undressed.
then you got quiet.

your hands rung themselves to bone.
your intentions were true.
you could be everything i need but i see right through you.

don't fucking touch me.